Aug 27, 2010

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To give up on my dreams …

To give up on my dreams …

It never occurs to me

It never will

The day until

I see the rainbow

After the cloudy gloom

Till that moment, for despair

There can’t be any room

I hold on tight

I hold on strong

With all my might

I see in pain, a song

As the river of life

Tears through the rapids

I know soon the sun will shine

And I shall see the bright sky

With the rainbow smiling amid

I am sailing through the river

Though the storms leave me shiver

But I still cling on to

as past the waters I row

because I am sure, yes I know

That I have belief in me

And that I have a lot to look forward to

The day I shall reach the sea …!!!

  1. Great work
    loved the poetry
    keep writing

  2. A very positive, determined and grit-filled penning. A very beautiful art-work to support.. gr8 work Chandni! :) )

    • Thanks a ton Purvi. A comment is always very special when it comes from you. Thanks yet again for the encouragement and appreciation. It really means a lot to me :)

  3. beautiful poetry..simple and nice!!
    keep penning!

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