Jan 24, 2013

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Post 59 ~ You we can

Being a Yuvraj Singh fan, the news about his cancer had left me all shocked and devastated. The realisation that nothing is permanent in life dawned upon me in a rather cruel way with this heartbreaking news.
But like a true fan I was jumping with happiness and pride when Yuvi made such a successful come back to cricket and to life. He conquered cancer like a hero and has set an example to prove – If you really wish to, you can change your destiny. He also has set up a foundation for cancer patients called ‘You we can’.
But from just being my favourite cricket player, Yuvi became a role model for me when a few weeks ago, I saw the story of his battle with cancer in a TV show. He had captured on camera his tears, his pain, the moment when he had to shave his head, the instances when his body would not even take water, the questioning moments of – why me?, the depressing days when every time media wrote him off and the determination of winning over cancer and making it back to the game – of cricket and of life.
Sometimes we think we’ve got everything in our hands, and we’re running forward, and the finish line is in sight, but we’re wrong. Tripping on the unexpected, getting up, dusting off metaphorically skinned knees is always hard. But there is usually a lesson to be learned, and a way out. And after standing for a few minutes or days or years, it is possible to get our bearings, yes we can pick up our responsibilities again, our dreams again and set off, albeit with a bit more caution, and often a rueful smile.
Yuvi … thanks for being a real hero, we really needed one.
For those who want to get inspired, catch this series called ‘Zindagi abhi baaki hai’on the internet.


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