Sep 18, 2012

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Post 39 ~ Evenings …

There is something so poetic about evenings … happy, moody, silent, giggling, celebrating, grieving evenings. I love capturing the various, splendid, ecstatic shades of the evenings through my camera. Evenings bidding farewell to light, so the poignancy of endings lingers in our memory, a smear of fading colors growing ever dimmer as we say adieu to the day… the day which is becoming a ‘past’ as the evenings enraptures it.

But as day after day dawns brightly full of unspent moments, overlaying the past– good, bad, dramatic or uneventful, memorable or forgetful. Life and light are all about renewal. And we would do well to heed nature and sleep our endings into dreams, to wake renewed with the sun and to fade into yet another evening.


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