Jun 18, 2012

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Post 25 ~ My first public recitation of my poem


For the very first time yesterday, I read my poem, not amongst friends but amidst strangers in an event in London – Thank you Pa for always motivating me to write more of those silly ‘tukbandis’ as a kid, for teaching me some of the most beautiful words I know, for correcting those Grammar follies, for that pat on my back when I wrote my first ever poem – This one was just for you on Father’s Day!!!

I was really nervous as to if people would like the poem or not, if I would get that applause on a good line or not, I hope I don’t stammer in between etc etc.

But somewhere I was very determined to do a good job at it because this was to be for my Dad, I could not have afforded to make it anything but my best ever.

Finally the moment came and I was on stage. And yes … I got that applause twice in the middle of my recitation. Happiness, contentment and a sense of achievement … I was just so happy that the poem was taken in such a great way by the audience.

As I walked down the stage, I got some great compliments and motivating remarks on my writing. The whole experience somehow made me determined to work harder on my writing and be a beautiful writer like my Dad some day …. some day soon!


  1. Can you share that poem?


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