Jun 8, 2012

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Post 18 ~ Have Feet, Will Dance!!!

Finally I am a student of the famous Shiamak Davar  yes I am part of his Summer Funk 2012, London. Yee-hawwwww!!!!!

It is almost like a dream come true. Yesterday was the first day of my class and I could feel my soul dancing, smiling and shining.

Dance is the oasis in my life. Though taking up the classes now would make everything much more busier but it is going to allow me  precious moments to stretch and breathe freely – in my world, my very own space, where there is music, dance and performance. The trade-off is more than worth it, it’s absolutely necessary to being me.

Dancing focuses me, and it makes the world seem a brighter place especially when I am away from my family here in London with the depths of the ugly season most of the time. But when I dance, all the craziness in my world shifts itself around to make room for the good stuff. It is my greatest passion and to be a great dancer is one of my biggest dreams.

As Shiamak says –“Have feet, Will dance!”

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