May 31, 2012

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Post 16 ~ Birthday wishes from a Beautiful Stranger

Yesterday was one of my best  birthdays. The showers of love and blessings from everywhere, from family,  from friends from different phases of life … everything just made me feel so very special.  Wow … its amazing how awesome love can make you feel. And this birthday would always be a memorable one because for the very first time, I received wishes from  Richa Rai who was a stranger once and got connected to me through my blog. Whilst I was not been able to write much on my blog because of a hectic work schedule, Richa was sweet enough to write to me that she is missing my blogs. That message from a stranger at that point of time brought tears in my eyes and I got much more determined to write more and write better. Richa has from time to time given me some very helpful feedbacks and on this birthday of mine, she wrote a lovely  email with a poem for me which I would like to share here:

Heartiest wishes on your birthday! I was pondering a lot on which topic should I write. How should I w


ish you? So, I thought to write a poem for you. But, what should be the topic. I started thinking how we got connected to each other. This is quite interesting for me. Google is my best friend and it has brought me an unknown friend like you. I remember, I was searching on some topic and caught your website. The first blog that I read was ‘Facebook or Fake book or Facade book. It was quite interesting.


So here it is….

An unknown Friend

I found an unknown friend in the crowdie world,

It was a piece of magic from my lovely Google

Have you met me ever?

But I think you know me much better.

She is seven seas away from my place,

But her single mail brings a cozy smile on my face.

At times I think, how complex is the game of friendship,

To whom we know for a long; their love becomes fugitive.

You and me are different, and in many ways the same.

I guess that’s the reason why I feel like a bond of love which can’t be tamed.

A bond take years to build a relationship,

It was a miraculous moment when I made it with you to flourish our friendship.”


Thanks a ton Richa. Your sweet gesture has really touched my heart and motivated me to write better. Sending loads of love your way.



  1. Thanks Thanks a lot for your love.

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