Aug 25, 2010

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Mirror mirror on the wall!

With shifting into our very own home a couple of months back, I got an opportunity to explore my interior designing capabilities. Of late, I have been browsing through many interior designing websites, blogs, magazines and am truly amazed at the fascinating and mesmerising world that you can create for yourself by using some simple tips.

One of the cheapest interior design innovations involves usage of decorative mirrors. Decorating using mirrors is an excellent way to enhance a home’s interior look.

(The above images are from ‘Design Sponge’)

The appropriate use of mirrors can visually double the size of a room. They can add a lot of style and drama to your lounge area. Whether it is a contemporary decor or the antique look, choosing the right frames can enhance any interior look.

(This image is from

(The below image is from

(This image is from

Now where to find some great mirrors?

You can find some gorgeous mirrors at :

So, get on the mirror-hunt and add up style to your home.

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