Apr 2, 2013

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Happy Birthday Papa!

Written on 31 March 2013

He was born in the family of a struggling journalist as the eldest son with two sisters and a younger brother. To support his family, he started selling flowers and vegetables in the Indore sabji mandi at the age of 5. His little fingers wo…uld get all swollen, injured and painful while making those flower garlands to sell. Diwali would not be a time to enjoy but to earn some extra income by selling the Laxmi pictures and to add up money for the school fees. His poems as a teenager had the pain and the depth of a lifetime. He conquered every hurdle with a smile and a heart full of courage and determination … to be somebody only to become one of the most renowned and recognised names in the teaching and writing world.
He is the most special man in my life … my father whose sacrifice has been my inspiration, whose courageĀ  has been my strength and whose name has been my pride.
I almost lost him 2 years ago when he had a massive heart-attack and during those crucial hours, the only regret I had was that I never say ‘ I love you’ to him as much I say it to my mom.
Happy birthday Papa!!! I love you more than words can say!!!! Proud to be your daughter!

  1. You have portrayed your feelings and a snapshot of your dad’s life very nicely. Short, sweet and informative.

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