Aug 16, 2010

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I think the one thing that differentiates the stylish from the average is the use of accessories.  Fashion trends come and go; some we like , some we don’t. To look great you don’t have to be fashionable. Yes, it is imperative to keep an eye on the trends, the cuts, colours and shapes that are in season – but to truly define your own niche you need to become a dab hand at accessorising. And here, I am just not referring to necklaces and earrings. I am talking  about anything that doesn’t actually serve the purpose of covering up exposed flesh. Any extras over and above your top and trousers are classed as accessories. I am talking about your shoes, handbags, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarves, belts and watches.


Accessories not only give you a more stylish edge, they are an easy, cost-effective way to remain fashionable.  They are like the icing on the cake. Clever use of accessories can also help draw attention away from anything you’d rather hide and towards your TDF ( TO DIE FOR ) Factor.

I think at least one-third of the clothing budget should be spent on accessories. This will enable you to not only look more stylish but get more out of your existing wardrobe, too. Only problem, once you start it can become addictive … if you could see my bag  collection !

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  1. nice environment out here… actually i’m too naive about this field, so didn’t comment on the matter :-)

  2. Shikha singh says:

    I agree completely with you on this. & why only women, the same is true for men also……any guy can make a huge difference with the accessories like the watch he wears, his shoes, the perfume he wears, the type of mobile phone he carries, his goggles….in addition to his dressing sense!!

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